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Read this before you hire your next stripper

By Tracey Craig Managing Director

Welcome to our new website–we hope you enjoy your visit. We could use this opportunity to offer you a sugar coated introduction to our Agency where we tell you that weare the leaders in the industry, providing you with the most exquisite girls that we have hand picked and who we have vigorously trained to give you the best girls to compliment your event. Instead, we have chosen to reveal a few well kept secrets about the Sydney adult entertainment industry–and then let you decide for yourself if you want to book your entertainment with The Bombshells. Here are the facts:

Fact No 1:

There is no "vigorous training" for topless waitresses and strippers as some websites claim!

How do you train a girl to be gorgeous and have a great personality while serving drinks at a bucks party or performing a sexy nude strip?

You don't!

She's either got it or she doesn't. No amount of training can change that. As an experienced booking agency, it is up to us to determine which girls are right for the job and which girls are vnot. And for the past 20 years, we have made it our business to find the girls that are right for your event.

" No amount of fancy text on a website will guarantee amazing girls , we simply let our girls speak for themselves - and the feedback from our satisfied clients is testament to the fact that we are doing things right. "

Fact No 2:

Did you know there are over 27 websites promoting strippers in Sydney - most of them not current!

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of websites promoting everything from topless waitresses to Xrated strippers in Sydney. But did you also know that:

9 of these websites are inactive,
4 websites have not been updated or changed in the past 5 years and still feature photos of girls who retired long ago Another 10 websites feature photos of girls that are rarely available or do not even work for that agency. Some girls don't even know they are on a particular website and have never made contact with that business owner. When they do contact the owner and ask for their photos to be removed, their request is often ignored!

Just because you have a Facebook page, it doesn't make you a professional agency.

" At Bombshells, you can rest assured that our website features current girls that actually work for us and are available to attend your event. What you see is what you get! "

Fact No 3:

A staggering 50% of girls have never met the owner of the agency that promotes them.

That's right... Over 50% of girls in this industry have never met the owner of the business they work for. They have simply emailed through a photo and the business owner has added them to their website unseen! How can that owner possibly recommend that particular girl for your event if he has not even met the girl he is recommending?

We receive emails every day from girls who want to work for the Bombshells Agency. The truth is, a lot of girls don't even make it to the interview stage - they are simply not the look we are after.

" We have met every single girl featured on our website to ensure that they meet the high standards that we have set on behalf of our clients - both in looks and personality. "

Fact No 4:

Some agents will promise you a particular girl - and then deliver you the complete opposite on the night!

I can't count how many times on a Saturday night, we have received a call from a desperate client who has been let down by another agency. Either the girl hasn't shown up at all OR the client has requested a particular girl only for a completely different girl to show up on the night! Unfortunately, at that stage it is too late and you are stuck with who you get...

" At Bombshells, that's not the way we do business. If you request a certain girl, then that's who you will get. "

Of course, if that stripper or waitress is not available at the time of your request, we will recommend other girls that may suit your requirements. If we do lock in a girl for you and she becomes unavailable due to unforseen circumstances after your booking has been finalised, then we will always inform you of any changes that need to be made PRIOR to your event.

Fact No 5:

Cheaper is not always better.

Times are tough and we understand that "shopping around" is a fact of life. However finding the cheapest possible price does not always deliver the best results.

Everybody loves a bargain but keep this in mind when booking your next bucks party: When an agency is able to give you the cheapest price it generally means they have cut their own fee and that of the performer just to get your business. In turn, the performer will cut her show short to compensate for the reduced fee she is receiving.

The simple fact is that there are costs involved in providing you with excellent service and we intend to deliver that service to every client - with no shortcuts taken. We admit we are not the cheapest, and truth be told, we are not after the client who wants the cheapest deal. We want clients that understand the value of good service - during the booking process, on the night of the event and after the event.

" It is our policy to provide good honest service at a reasonable price - every time! "

Now that you have a few of the real facts, we hope that your decision to book your entertainment for your bucks night, harbour cruise or birthday party has been made easier for you. You may not choose to book with Bombshells, but at least you are now aware of some of the pitfalls that are happening in our industry on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are a lot of "fly by night" businesses in our industry with glossy websites, but there are also some truly amazing and professional operators, so if we can't help you with your booking, then we would be glad to point you in the right direction.

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