By Tracey Craig Managing Director

Why dont you have as many strippers on your site as other agencies?

The Bombshells Agency is one of Sydney's longest serving adult entertainment agencies with a reputation for excellent service. There are other agencies who promote hundreds of girls on their websites, believing that the public will think they are bigger and better. Often these girls are not even current or have left the industry altogether. We, on the other hand prefer to concentrate on quality, not quantity and we have handpicked a select group of stunning girls that we think fulfill the Bombshell fantasy for our customers. Our website is constantly updated with CURRENT girls.

When booking with ANY Agency, ask them to put it in writing that they can guarantee you the stripper or waitress they are selling to you. If they won't put it in writing, then it's a sure sign that the stripper you request will probably NOT be the one who shows up on the night!

Where do your dancers perform?

The Bombshells will perform at almost any location including offices, boats, restaurants, hotels, private homes and even construction sites! Please ensure that there is a clean, flat surface on which the Bombshells can perform. It is extremely difficult to dance on grass when wearing heels, so if you are having an outdoor party, please ensure that there is a concrete surface handy - it guarantees a better show for your guests.

It's winter, can we have the show or waitress in the backyard?

During the winter period it is extremely cold and uncomfortable for our waitresses to work outdoors while scantily clad. So that the girls can provide you with a fun and friendly service, it is strongly preferred that you hold your event inside during the winter months. There is nothing worse than a waitress who is huddled near a heater to keep warm and is so uncomfortable that she can't do her job properly - it is frustrating for you and for her. While outdoor heaters do help, it is still bitterly cold, so please keep that in mind when planning your party. The same applies for our dancers.

How far in advance should I book?

Like any business, we too have our "peak" seasons and times. By booking your entertainment in advance, we are better equipped to provide you with the dancer of your choice at the time you prefer. Keep in mind that August - March is our peak season, so we recommend that you try to give us at least 1-2 weeks notice where possible. . The Bombshells are Australia's most recognised strippers and are often booked out weeks in advance.

Do you take late bookings on the day or night of the show?

Of course late bookings are accepted, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to send your preferred dancer and if you make a "last minute" booking on the night of your event, while we make every effort to send you a top quality dancer, you may experience lengthy delays before we can organise a stripper for you. - See more at:

How do I book a Bombshell?

Once you have browsed our website and selected your favourite dancer, please phone our booking team on 02 9635 4050 and our friendly staff will help you.

What costumes can we choose from?

All of the Bombshells have a range of novelty costumes available including Nurse, Schoolgirl, Police Officer, Devil, Madam Lash, Cowgirl and many more. Please ask us if you have a particular fantasy :-) Can we have a party in our hotel room? Yes, we send the Bombshells to most of Sydney's larger hotels on a weekly basis. Unfortunately hotels do not encourage rowdy parties in their rooms so we advise that you try to keep the noise to a bare minimum. Please be aware that if hotel management stop our performers during their show or your party is asked to leave the premises, no refund will be given.

When do we pay for our Bombshell?

Payment is made to the dancer or waitress in cash on arrival at your party. No show will be performed without payment being made prior to the show or waitressing shift commences.

Are photos permitted?

Still cameras, mobile phones and video cameras are not permitted while the Bombshells are performing. Our dancers are more than happy to pose for photos at the start or end of each show, however please respect the right of our dancers NOT to be filmed or photographed while performing semi nude - xrated shows at your event. Our dancers are normal people who have a family life outside of the dancing industry. Please ensure that your guests are aware of these rules prior to the show to avoid disruption to the performance. No refund will be given if the show is terminated due to this rule being broken.

Can we request a certain stripper? Is she guaranteed to show up?

Yes, we are able to take requests for your preferred stripper or waitress, however we ask that you provide us with at least 2 or 3 names of your favourite girls so that we can send someone appropriate in case your first choice is not available. Once your requested stripper has been booked and confirmed, she will definately be the dancer who arrives at your party, unless any unforseen circumstances arise and in that case we will always contact you and inform you prior to the show. The Bombshells will ALWAYS show up to a booked performance - we pride ourselves on our reputation of reliability.

What time will my stripper arrive?

While we do the best we can to ensure that your dancer arrives on time, sometimes things such as traffic, weather, or delays at a previous booking may affect the arrival time of our stripper. It is for this reason that we ask you to give us a window of at least 30-60mins for when your dancer can arrive. For eg: between 9-9.30pm. Your dancer will arrive at anytime during your preferred timeslot. If there has been a delay during the night, either one of our staff or the stripper will phone you direct to update you on her estimated time of arrival. So relax, have another drink and let the anticipation build for your guests - we promise it will be worth the wait!

Can I touch the stripper?

Crowd participation occurs in almost every show. Touching the stripper is only permitted when invited from the performer and strictly only as directed by that performer. Each dancer has a different level of comfort and we ask that you respect that. If our dancer feels uncomfortable or threatened in any way during her performance, she is within her right to terminate the show without refund. Slapping, throwing things or abusive language towards our performers is NEVER acceptable.

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